Mountain Biking in Moab, Utah

Beginners to experts will go to bed grinning each night from the day’s exhilarating ride and wake up eager to get back on the trail.

bike-sample-thumb01Nomad Inc. adventure travel agency and photography takes you to Moab, Utah which boasts some of the best bike trails and adventure tours through mind-blowing scenery. With warmer temperatures in the spring and fall, an extensive trail system, mind-blowing views, and its proximity to Canyonlands and Arches National Park, Moab is the ultimate multi-day mountain bike trails destination.

In recent years a ton of effort and resources has been put into building new trails and making the area more adept for the complete spectrum of mountain bikers. There are now more beginner bike trails than ever as well as long technical rides for the expert. Porcupine Rim, The Whole Enchilada, and Slickrock are on the top of the list that has made Moab famous.

Customize Your Trip

In addition to mountain biking, the options are endless adventure tours at Nomad Inc. adventure travel agency & photography. We customize each client’s trip by throwing in skydiving, SUP, yoga, and rock climbing just to name a few. As with all our trips, our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations!

Sample Adventure

Our personal favorite trail of adventure tours is The Whole Enchilada. Starting at Burro Pass (11,150ft), in the La Sal Mountains, you will experience 35+ miles of every type of riding and scenery Moab has to offer during the 8,318’ descent all the way back to town. From Burro Pass the bike trail is narrow and steep with tight switchbacks, which take you through the breath taking evergreen forest and the occasional creek crossing. This section can be a bit challenging, so we take it as fast or slow, as our group allows.

After winding through the aspens, we arrive at Warner Lake. This is the start of the Hazzard County section of the trail. A stout hill climb leads to more singletrack as you race down through the Gambel Oak hillside!

Next is the Kokopelli Trail, which is a super fast dirt road that leads to the southwest wall of Castle Valley, the Porcupine Rim. From here begins most peoples favorite section of The Whole Enchilada with ledges, fast turns, drops and slickrock through Ponderosa and Pinyon/Juniper forests. Be sure to look up every once in a while to take in the astounding views!

Eventually we end up at Jackass Canyon and descend through major cliffs back down to the Colorado River where the Nomad crew will be waiting with refreshments and snacks!

This is a must do while in Moab! Nomad Inc. adventure travel and photography services will help you enjoy this lifetime adventure tours experience. The memories and photos you take from this bike trips will have you scanning your calendar for your next available trip!

As with all Nomad trips, you have the option of being accompanied by a Nomad Ambassador who is also an experienced photographer to document your unique journey with professional images and make sure all expectations are completely exceeded. Leave everything to us; all you have to do is enjoy yourself!


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