Dunton Fly Fishing

Many guides say that the West Fork of the Dolores River is the best fly fishing in North America.

Originating in the San Juan Mountains at over 11,000 feet, the waters of the Dolores West Fork hold cutthroat, rainbow and brooks trout, ranging in size from fifteen to twenty-five inches. With nine miles of private waters flowing past the remodeled “ghost town”, the West Fork of the Dolores is steady, chilled and clear. The local fisherfolk have the river all to themselves if you don’t count the neighbors: fox, coyote, deer, moose, bears, passing otters and cougar. Abundant native fish and breath-taking scenery make the West Fork of the Dolores a Colorado fly fishing classic. Its no wonder that guides call the Dolores the best fly fishing in North America, with the water’s ever-changing surface reflecting the San Juans’ beautiful mosaic.

We assure an unforgettable experience both on and off the river. You will spend the day wading in chilled mountain streams shaded by the peaks that tumble into valleys shaded by tall spruce. Then come home to a perfectly restored ghost town featuring exquisitely furnished log cabins, a saloon serving food of the highest quality, winding trails leading to calming massages, and luxurious hot springs sitting beneath snowy peaks. The charming old mining town is free of cell phones and offers the most tranquil getaway, taking you right back to the 1800s.

As with all Nomad trips, you have the option of being accompanied by a Nomad Ambassador who is also an experienced photographer to document your unique journey with professional images and make sure all expectations are completely exceeded. Leave everything to us; all you have to do is enjoy yourself and catch the fish!


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