History of Nomad Inc.


Nomad Inc.

Nomad Inc. is an adventure travel and photography company, specializing in customized vacation packages like skiing/snowboarding, surfing, and mountain biking trips. After many years of a nomadic lifestyle and roaming the world for thrill-seeking adventure, we decided that it was time to share our passion and knowledge of unique destinations and trips. Based out of the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, Nomad Inc. will travel worldwide to merge your adventure travel dreams with our expertise.

Although we do offer standard vacation packages, our philosophy is to sit down with the client, start with a desired destination and activity, and then, artfully craft an authentic trip itinerary. With all of our vacation package trips, the client has the opportunity of being accompanied by a Nomad Inc. ambassador, who is also a professional photographer to document your unique journey with professional images. All of our ambassadors are Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) and CPR certified.

At Nomad Inc. adventure travel and photography company, responsible business, is a business imperative for us. It is how we operate – with full attention to ethics, respect for people and for the environment. We are constantly looking for new ways to lessen our environmental footprint and give back to the communities in which we operate. We seek out companies to work with that share the same business ethics we do. In every location we operate in, we employ locals, and support local businesses.

Frank Scotti

frankFounder of Nomad Inc.  |  fscotti@nomadinc.com

From an early age Frank Scotti, founder of Nomad Inc., knew he wanted to share his love for adventure and travel with the world. Seeking out powder stashes on a homemade snowboard at the local golf course, building jumps for bikes, and sneaking out for all-night fishing missions were a regular occurrence from day one. Having his mom drag him home kicking and screaming, bike in one hand and shovel in the other, were the norm.

As soon as Frank could, he headed west from his roots in Long Island, NY to pursue his outdoor passions. After spending time in the Rocky Mountains of beautiful Colorado he knew there was more and his craving for adventure and new experiences grew. Frank’s travel experience is geographically vast and spans the spectrum of adventure including many surf trips in Central America; climbing, surfing, and snowboarding in South America; scuba diving in Southeast Asia; helicopter skiing in Alaska; whitewater kayaking in New Zealand; and multiple excursions throughout the U.S.

His stories of such experiences are not without a fair amount of humorous anecdotes, however they also contain tales of meticulous detail and preparedness that make listeners gravitate towards his leadership and creative qualities. As his travel resume increased so did his gallery of photographs that captured indelible moments in beautiful detail and clarity.

Frank holds a Bachelor’s Science Wilderness Leadership with a minor focus in Cultural Studies from Prescott College in Arizona. In addition, Frank spent two and a half months in Patagonia on a NOLS adventure leadership program.

Frank’s certifications and advanced training:

  • Level II Avalanche Certification AIARE
  • American Mechanized Ski Guide I
  • Outdoor Emergency Care National Ski Patrol
  • CPR/AED Certification American Red Cross
  • Registered Maine Guide
  • Kayak Instructor I ACA